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Dom Perignon "Plenitude 2" 2002 Brut

Reference: D808
Dom Perignon
  • Dom Perignon "Plenitude 2" 2002 Brut photo
510,00 €
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Robert Parker 96
Feed6-8 °C
The presence of sulfatesyes
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Champagne is great as an aperitif and also goes well with fish dishes (especially sea bass and sea bass), fried artichokes, grilled vegetables and black caviar.


Champagne with a radiant pale gold color.


The complex, warm, exotic aroma of the wine is filled with tones of candied fruits, frangipan, sweet spices, fresh coriander, salty shades of saffron. Gradually, the scent becomes even more complex, and then more strict, mysterious, pure and soothing.


The velvety, elegant taste of champagne is revealed instantly, quickly becoming deeper and richer. Its palette is strikingly similar to the scent. Bright, expressive, lively, sensual, delicate aftertaste, very fruity, with light nuances of licorice.