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Bons Mayennais Camembert 250g

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Reference: L716
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5,00 €
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Country: France
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The fame of our camembert comes from its traditional and authentic recipe , which has not changed for more than 100 years! It is made from pasteurized milk collected in Mayenne within a radius of 40 km around the cheese dairy . During its refining, a fine white bloomy rind will form on our Camembert. This rind, which scientists call Penicillium candidum , allows both to preserve and develop the richness of the aromas of our cheese. A handcrafting technique used by our cheesemakers when making cheese, which allows them to control each product during its ripening. A guarantee of quality since 1912!

Bons Mayennais Camembert 250g
Reference: L716
5,00 €
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