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Gift Package: Dom Perignon Brut 2010 Lady Gaga Edition

Reference: G100D888
  • Gift Package: Dom Perignon Brut 2010 Lady Gaga Edition photo
393,00 €
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Robert Parker 92
Feed7-9 °C
The presence of sulfatesyes
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A pale golden champagne with a rich, soft mousse of fine bubbles.


The aroma of champagne gradually unfolds in the glass, starting to shine with sweet tones of tropical fruits (green mango, melon, pineapple). Then, shades of orange peel, mandarin and fresh notes of flowers after the rain (peony, jasmine and lilac) begin to appear.


Wine is recommended to combine with gourmet dishes, soft or hard cheeses, seafood, and caviar.


Champagne has an unusual, contrasting, rich, massive, juicy, generous and firm taste with an incredible concentration, perfectly integrated, but steady acidity and vibrant notes of spices, especially pepper. Flavor energy is retained to a brilliant salty finish.