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Baron G.Legrand VSOP 70cl

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Feed18-20 °C
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Armagnac is an excellent digestif, i.e. promotes digestion and is consumed at the end of the meal, but if it is consumed in the middle of lunch, then smoked salmon, gourmet sausages, Gascon cuisine, foie gras, sauces, traditional meat and game flambées are suitable. Armagnac is served with dessert (Armagnac with apple, with chocolate), while the strength of the drink is softened by a sweet dish. It is worth trying berries and fruits with it - Agen prunes, cherries, raspberries, and orange. Armagnac also goes well with coffee and cigars.


Armagnac has a beautiful amber color.


Armagnac has a very pleasant aroma with hints of wood barrel, fruit and vanilla.


Armagnac has an excellent fruity flavor, with a slight tannin and a warm aftertaste.