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Hennessy V.S. 5clHennessy V.S. 5cl icon
6,00 €
Country France
Bottle typeGlass
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This brand has been going strong for over 250 years. Founded in 1765 by an Irishman, the company has been producing one of the world’s finest cognacs for centuries. The name of the brand is a nod to the founder’s homeland and also an homage to his family name.

This cognac house is renowned for its commitment to quality and tradition, with a strong emphasis on craftsmanship in every bottle. Their signature blend is one of the most popular brands of cognac in the world. 

About the Brand

Flavor Features

The Hennessy VS is a blend of over 40 different eaux-de-vie, or cognac spirits, aged for an average of two and a half years in French oak barrels. The resulting product features notes of vanilla, ripe fruits, and spices with a long finish on the palate.


The company has always been a leader in innovation, and it continues to develop new blends such as Hennessy XO, VSOP, Privilege, and Paradis. These are ultra-premium drinks that feature even more complex flavor profiles than the classic VS blend with hints of spice, wood, dried fruits, honey, and smoky notes.

Hennessy Cognac Price

The price of a Hennessy bottle varies depending on the blend. The classic VS is quite affordable — starting from €45 — while the more premium XO, Privilege, and Paradis can be pricier, ranging from €60 to thousands of euros. This reflects the quality and craftsmanship that goes into these ultra-premium blends. 

How to Drink This Beverage

Any fine cognac is best enjoyed neat or in a snifter. However, it can also be included in classic cocktails such as a Sidecar or an Old-Fashioned. It pairs particularly well with dark chocolate and other desserts. This beverage is also popularly served at room temperature or even warm.

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