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With its velvety texture and complex flavors, grappa is a unique spirit that has been gaining popularity in recent years. Distilled from pomace, the residue of wine grapes after they have been pressed, the drink is made in a variety of styles that can reflect the terroir of the grapevines where it was produced.


The history of this drink goes back centuries, with some accounts suggesting that it was first produced in Italy as early as the 13th century. Over time, it became an important part of Italian culture and society, with people routinely enjoying shots of this potent spirit at celebrations and gatherings.

Today, the drink is experiencing a resurgence in popularity, as more people become familiar with its unique flavor and complex notes. In addition to being enjoyed neat or on the rocks, there are many cocktails that feature this beverage as a key ingredient, such as the popular grappa sour. Whether sipped slowly after dinner or mixed into a cocktail, it is an interesting spirit that is worthy of exploration. So, check the grappa price and order a bottle for your special dinner.

How Is It Made?

Grappa is typically made by distilling grape pomace, which is the leftover solids from wine grapes after they have been pressed. Depending on the style of the drink, additional ingredients may be added to provide aromas and flavors, such as herbs or spices. The finished product is typically aged in oak barrels to give it additional complexity and aroma.

Main Types 

There are many different styles of this beverage, each of which is typically made by a specific producer or region. Some of the common styles include: 

  1. Barley
  2. Grape marc 
  3. Chestnut
  4. Citronelle 

The two main types are Italian and Greek grappa. However, the spirit is most commonly produced in Italy. It is possible to order grappa online and get it delivered in only a few minutes.

What to Eat with Grappa

Due to its strong flavor, it is often enjoyed on its own after a meal. However, it also pairs well with certain cheeses and desserts, such as chocolate or fruit-based treats. It can also be used in place of vodka in many cocktails and mixed drinks, adding an interesting depth of flavor and aroma.


Is it different from brandy?

Unlike brandy, which is typically made from fermented fruit, grappa is distilled from grape pomace. This gives it a unique flavor and aroma that reflects the terroir of the wine region where it was produced. Due to its complex flavor and interesting production method, this drink is gaining popularity with spirit connoisseurs and cocktail lovers alike.

What type of alcohol is grappa?

It is a type of distilled spirit made from grape pomace, which is the leftover solid material after grapes have been pressed for wine. It is usually made from white grape pomace, although it can be made from other types of grapes as well. 

When should you drink it?

Grappa liquor is typically enjoyed after a meal, either as a digestif or on the rocks. It can also be mixed into cocktails, and there are many popular recipes that feature this beverage as a key ingredient. Whether sipped slowly or mixed into a cocktail, this drink is a delicious and interesting spirit that is worthy of exploration.

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