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Chateau Lanessan 2016 Magnum

Reference: R437
  • Chateau Lanessan 2016 Magnum photo
58,00 €
Feed16-18 °C
The presence of sulfatesyes
Additional Information


Medium intensity pomegranate purple wine.


The wine goes well with baked or stewed meats, vegetable soups, mushroom pies and chocolate baked goods.


Вкус величественный, полный , сбалансированный по дубильным компонентам и мягкий . Он раскрывается многослойным глотком за глотком, давая длительное послевкусие с приятными пряными нотами.


The elegant aroma of the wine is filled with tones of ripe plum and black currant, with which the nuances of herbs, cedar, graphite, moist earth and rose petals are harmoniously intertwined.