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Pavillon Blanc du Chateau Margaux 2016

Reference: R447
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380,00 €
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Robert Parker 95
Feed10-12 °C
The presence of sulfatesyes
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Pavillon Blanc du Chateau Margaux is perfect as an aperitif, and also perfectly complements haute French cuisine: Burgundy snails, oysters in champagne, lobsters in oranges, grilled trout, stuffed partridges, as well as other dishes from poultry, noble fish, seafood and shellfish. Soft goat and sheep milk cheeses are ideal for light snacks. It is best to serve wine at a temperature of 10-12C, since at a higher temperature, the aroma loses its sophistication, and alcohol clogs not only delicate nuances, but also fruity notes in the bouquet of wine. When the temperature is too low, the aromas cannot fully develop, and the taste appears duller and shorter.


The wine has a straw-golden color.


The aroma is clean, frank, composed of notes of passionfruit, candied lime and juicy plum.


The taste is precise, with good tension and allows the development of a burgundy body with fat in the middle of the mouth, but never out of balance. On the contrary, the acidity of the wine balances out the abundance of fat. Exotic fruit aftertaste, long, generous, but without a lack of elegance.