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Agreement of website using governs the terms of using of the website https://puninwine.com on the Internet (hereby known as the “Website”).

Using the Services of the Website https://puninwine.com means the unconditional acceptance of the User with this Policy and the conditions for processing his personal information specified therein; in case of disagreement with these conditions, the user must refrain from using the Website https://puninwine.com.

The website https://puninwine.com respects the privacy of every visitor who uses the services of our Website. We have created this section in order to inform you about our privacy policy, as well as the conditions under which the data we receive from you will be used. Before using our portal and transferring any data with its help, please read our privacy policy.

1. Scope of application and adoption of the Privacy Policy

1.1. This Privacy Policy is an integral part of the User Agreement (hereby known as the "Agreement").

1.2. https://puninwine.com recognizes the importance of the confidentiality of the information of the Users of our Website.

1.3. Our Privacy Policy describes what personal identification data and information that you can send over the Internet to our Website or otherwise provide to us (hereby known as the "Personal Data"), are collected by us and how Personal Data can be used by us. In addition, this Privacy Policy sets how the collected Personal Data can be corrected or deleted by you.

1.4. Any of your Personal Data is protected and processed by us in accordance with the Privacy Policy. We recommend to read our Privacy Policy before providing any Personal Data.

1.5. By using the services of our Website, you consent to the collection and using of your Personal Data as provided in this Privacy Policy.

1.6. In the event of a discrepancy between the rules of this Privacy Policy and other rules of the Agreement, the latter prevails.

2. Personal data

2. 2.1. You can use the Website without prior registration, but access to some functional components of the Website may require registration. During registration, you fill in the information fields (some of them are binding) and also provide your valid email address. If you refuse to provide Personal Data, you will not be able to use access to some components of the Website. In addition, we will not be able to respond to your inquiries.

3. 2.2. The Website Administration collects two types of information about the User:

personal information that the User deliberately disclosed to the Website Administration in order to use the resources of the Website;

technical information automatically collected by the software of the Website during its visit. When the User visits the Website, the support service automatically can get information from the standard server logs. This includes the IP address of the User's computer (or proxy server, if it used to go online), Internet provider name, domain name, browser type and operating system, information about the website from which the User made the transition to the Website, the pages of the Website that the User visits, the date and time of these visits, the files that the User downloads. This information is analyzed programmatically in an aggregated (impersonal) form to analyze website traffic, and is used in the development of proposals for its improvement and progress. The relationship between the IP address and the User's personal information is never disclosed to third party, except when it is required by the legislation of the country of which the User is a resident.

2.3 We do not collect or process Personal Data, with the exception of cookies and when this data was provided voluntarily.

3. Use of Personal Data

3.1 We respect your privacy and do not collect Personal Data outside of the Privacy Policy.

3.2 We store your Personal Data in accordance with the Privacy Policy and impose obligations to respect applicable data protection regulations.

3.3 Providing services for use of the Website, the Site Administration, acting reasonably and in good faith, believes that the User:

has all the necessary rights to allow him to use the provided data;

provides reliable information about himself in the amount which is necessary for using the Website;

realizes that the information posted on the Website may become available to other Users, may be copied and distributed by such Users;

realizes that some types of information transmitted by him to other Users when using the Website can’t be deleted by the User himself.

3.4. The Website Administration does not verify the accuracy of the information received (collected) about the Users.

3.5. The Website Administration https://puninwine.com has the right to set restrictions on the use of services for all Users, or for certain categories of Users, including: the presence/absence of certain functions of the service, in accordance with the information filled in the registration form while creating a new User's account on the portal.

3.6. In the incident of entering incomplete Personal Data - partial or full blockage may result.

3.7. The Website Owners do not sell or provide Personal Data to third party. Due to obtained data we can maintain, protect and develop existing portal services, as well as create new ones.

3.8. We may provide generic, anonymized data to all users and our partners such as publishers, marketers or linked websites. Data can be used, for example, to illustrate trends of using our services.

3.9. Users' personal data are stored exclusively on electronic media and processed using automated systems.

4. Use of cookies

4.1. We may use cookies to collect information about visitors of our Website, for example: IP address, browser type, operating system, date and time of visit. A cookie is a small piece of information that is sent to your browser and stored on your computer's hard drive. We use cookies only to track use of Website, services and products we offer.

4.2. You can configure your computer to allow or deny the acceptance of cookies. You can configure your browser to disable Cookies or to warn and allow you to accept Cookies on a case-by-case basis. However, if you do not want to receive Cookies, then you will not be able to receive full information from the website https://puninwine.com and a number of characteristics will become unavailable to you.

5. Data protection and confidentiality

5.1. We pledge to take all reasonable measures to ensure that no third party gain illegal access to your Personal Data.

5.2. Access to Person Data is available for Employees who comply with strict confidentiality standards when processing your Personal Data and whose responsibilities are directly related to that issue.

5.3. To maintain the security and confidentiality of the Personal Data that we collect on the Website - we use standardized access restriction systems and password protection. We try to create a secure, reliable and trustworthy Website, but you should be aware that the Internet is not considered to be an unconditionally secure environment, therefore the confidentiality of the Personal Data provided by you, or materials transmitted through the Website or by e-mail, cannot be fully guaranteed. Therefore, we can’t be responsible for the security of your Personal Data during its transmission over Internet channels.

5.4. Although you give us permission to use your data, you are the owner of it. Your trust is important to us, so we never share your data with anyone, except in the following cases:

with your permission;

by notifying you in advance, in particular by notifying you in this Privacy Policy; or by removing your name and any information that allows you to identify you from your data.

5.5. We keep data for as long as is necessary to ensure the functioning of the products and services, including those described above, for you and other users. Usually, information associated with your account is kept until your account is deleted.

5.6. We provide your data to companies, organizations or individuals not associated with https://puninwine.com in case that we have a good faith belief that we will receive, use, keep or disclose such the information is reasonably necessary in order to:

comply with existing law, subordinate legislation, judgement or enforceable request from the government office;

enforce the Terms of Use or investigate possible violations;

identify, suppress or prevent fraud, as well as eliminate technical or security problems;

protect the rights, property or safety of the founders and the Website https://puninwine.com, our users or society as a whole, as required and allowed by law.

6. Minors

6.1. Because we respect the privacy of minors and comply with child protection laws, individuals under the age of 18 should not provide any Personal Data. We will not knowingly collect, use or disclose Personal Data from minors.

6.2. Our Website has not been designed or intended to collect Personal Data from anyone under he age of 18. We kindly ask parents to monitor their children using the Internet.

7. Right to change, update or delete Personal Data

7.1. You have the right to access, change or update your Personal Data, as well as delete it. We make every effort to ensure that your Personal Information is up to date, accurate and complete.

7.2. If you want to access Personal Data, correct or delete it, please contact us by email [email protected]

8. Newsletter

8.1. https://puninwine.com has the right with a moderate frequency to send to the User messages with advertising and promotion, containing information about current discounts, special offers presented only on the Website https://puninwine.com, as well as Company news.

9. Users requests

9.1. Users have the right to send their requests to the Website Administration, including requests regarding the use of their Personal Data, in the form of an electronic document.

9.2. The request must contain the following information:

number of the main identity document of the User or his/her representative;

information about the date of issue of the specified document and the issuing authority;

information confirming the participation of the User in relations with the Website Administration (in particular, information about registration on the Website https://puninwine.com);

the signature of the User or his/her representative.

9.3. The Website Administration undertakes to consider and send a response to the User's request within 30 days from the date of receipt of the request.

9.4. All correspondence received by the Website Administration from Users (requests in electronic form) refers to information of limited access and is not disclosed without the written consent of the User. Personal data and other information about the User who sent the request cannot be used without the User's special consent otherwise than to respond to the topic of the request or in cases directly provided by law.

9.5. We do not return alcoholic beverages and food products.

9.5.1. The goods are returned only if the goods were damaged during delivery to you. In this case, we will offer you a replacement or refund.

10. Final Clauses

10.1. The content of the Website including texts, signs, logos, diagrams, photographs, videos, sounds, music, layout, design, know-how, technologies, etc., has a legal protection in format of copyrights, trademarks, patents and other intellectual or industrial property rights, unless otherwise expressly stated on the Website.

10.2. This privacy policy applies only to this Website and to the information collected by this Website and through it. It does not apply to other websites and is not related to third party websites from which links to this page may be established.

10.3. Change of Policy Changes and additions may be modified to this Policy from time to time and without prior notice to the user, including when the requirements of the law change. In case of significant changes to this Policy, a message will be posted on the Website and the date of entry into force of these changes will be indicated. If within the specified period you do not refuse to accept them in writing, this will mean that you agree to the corresponding changes to the Policy. We ask you to revise the Policy from time to time in order to be aware of any changes or additions.